Moon Gravity

Moon Gravity
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The 8 track album is a blues-infused documentation of the last few years of hanging out in dive bars and looking for love in all the wrong places. It includes the single ‘Last Sucker in Town’ released in 2016 and a live recording of ‘Bad Moon Rising’, lifted from the performance with Pearl Tassell at the Garden of Unearthly Delights (2017).

The album has Craig Kelly on double bass, Benjamin John Lindsay or drums, Kat Phyn on backing vocals, Oscar E Villagrana on trumpet and Adelaide’s prodigal son, Adrian Whitehead on keys. Recorded at Crosstown Studios, Preston, Victoria under Josh Whitehead’s steady hand and mastered at Mixmaster Studios in Adelaide by Mick Wordley.

Signal GirlSignal Girl
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released February 1, 2013

All Songs Written and Performed by James Hickey

Double Bass – Craig ‘Grace’ Kelly
Percussion – Adam Osborn
Cello – Xavia Nou
Singers on In Vino Veritas:
Adam Osborn, Shelley Edwards, Mason Somerville and Trevor Letcher.


alacarteà la carte my heart
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He is a poet, thinker and do-er, although not necessarily in that order. He dresses like a stylish cowboy and carries a cane. He is honest most of the time, usually late for work and early for parties. He writes while drinking coffee and reflecting on the last nights and tomorrows. He does not always listen to what others say but feels it anyway. His poetry is dark and beautiful, like a city skyline, like Shiraz in its oaken home.