Let You Away

I held a robin in my hand, scarlet was its breast
Gold and diamond was its song adorned
The flutter of its feathers did barely raise the wind
The small gust did my heart leave adjourned.

 It softly landed in my hand, almost by some chance
I’d rather hoped it was from providence
I watched and listened speechless at perfume oration
And wished I was the only audience

But the tress watched on haughtily
Each leaf like an eye
Every branch an ally in the crime
Of kid-napping this little one
Nature’s lullaby
That hope against hope, I wagered to be mine

And just like that it was adieu, flown to somewhere else
On some other perch did it thence fly
I know not where or upon which bow your plume is gracing
Or whose hands you’re now held by

So fare-thee-well, oh sweet robin with scarlet on your breast
The crimson you have set upon my brow
Held you tight I desired to I let you away
Possess you could I not now I know.