After the Rain

Photo by Da Rocha Imagery

After the rain I am at ease.
Like sheep I am happy.
Only yesterday the creek crossing was dry,
Water in pools stagnating,
Fires raging,
Smoke billowing against prevailing winds,
Temperature inversions the bane of my existence,
The world scraping me off the crowded planet into an ocean seething with CO2, C2H4 and bubbling with genocidal intentions,
But after the rain she is my friend,
The sheep are delighted,
Or are they now concerned the sky is falling?
Do they wonder what new terror awaits them with the new day?
They are happy as they chew wet grass.
Tomorrow’s blades they know will be sweeter still.
I surrender to contentment.
Even the rabbits scurrying as I approach are no longer invasive pests but crotchets and quavers staccatoing across a most pleasant stave.
Life is apolitical after the rain.

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